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iliyatejarat-پودر لباسشویی تیاگل-خرید پودر تیاگل-نمایندگی پودر تیاگل-خرید پودر لباسشویی ارزان


“Commercial Production Group”

 iliya tejarat nano roz

Ilia Tejarat Nano Rose commercial production group under the management of “Mr. Reza Jamshidradazi” started its activity in Ratamine area in 2013 and in 2016 by drawing new long-term goals and with the aim of playing a greater role in the difficult years of sanctions by expanding the area, it provided Yera. In 2018, with the registration of the company, Ilia Tejarat Nano Rose continued its activities in the field of production of all kinds of detergent, cleaning, sanitary, electronic, food, etc. products, as well as the export and import of Nano Rose products, owning several brands with the names: Tiagel, Organo, Jusk, Nagin, as well as the exclusive representative of several manufacturing companies with electronic, food, etc., as well as the export and import of products. Having several brands with the names: “Tiagel”, “Organo”, “Jusk”, “Nagin” as well as the exclusive representative of several manufacturing companies and with a group of specialists in the production and sale of an important share of the domestic and foreign markets, Rose continues to operate as one of the successful companies in the production of detergent and sanitary products. And now it has been able to produce different products such as dishwashing liquid, detergent, car powder, hand powder, surface cleaner, perfume, body fragrance and thousands of other products.

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Detergent liquids

Production and distribution of bulk liquids in sizes of 5, 10, 20 liters with the brands Porex, Tiagel, Behrang, suitable for various organizations and bodies with high quality and reasonable price.

Washing and hand powder

Production and sale of all kinds of laundry and hand washing powders with Tiagel, Negin, Organo, Derakhshan, Nihad brands, and all kinds of raw materials at the best price and quality.

Fluids in the fury

Production and sale of all kinds of liquids with Fairi brand, suitable for markets inside and outside of Iran, at a reasonable price and of the highest quality


Commercial production group

Ilia Tejarat Nano Rose Trading Production Group, a producer and distributor of detergent and sanitary products, offers the lowest price, the highest quality, and excellent products for you, our valued customers.

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